A new way to hire superb
for $100
Our recruitment app helps with the hiring without recruiters.
Funnel Management
Set up a flexible funnel to automate resume screening, pre-testing soft and hard skills, video interviews to speed up and simplify recruitment
Candidates Tracking
See what your candidates go through and how close they get to the final phase. You can track all funnel statistics in real-time
Quality Matching
Match the best employees to meet your expectations without wasting personal time and expenses on compensation of recruiters
Old hiring methods no longer work, and as a result, the cost of New Hires Acquisition increases
We offer your team a complete set of tools to help you hire the best personas while minimizing money and time
The JamPad service allows you to hire people without additional resources while you solve other business tasks.
Fix price
Pay for a subscription, the number of hired candidates through one funnel does not matter. You pay less, but still get the top quality.
Multiple integrations
Integrate your funnels with LinkedIn, Indeed and other job boards. You can integrate a huge variety of services for screening via API.
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